Our Programs

Our goal is to offer an individualized, comprehensive weight management program including intensive lifestyle modification, medications for weightloss and referral for Bariatric Surgery if indicated.

Initial Internal Medicine Assessment and follow up visits at Aroga Lifestyle Alberta (Aroga.com) Referral required: https://imwellness.ca/new-referrals/

A patient centered and Comprehensive review of medical profile and contributors to obesity over the lifespan. Evidence-based interventions are reviewed, including intensive lifestyle change and medication for weight loss. Treatment plans are directed by the patient’s needs, goals, and wishes.  

12-week Intensive Lifestyle Change Program:

A 12-week personalized comprehensive program focused on modifiable aspects of lifestyle, evidence-based interventions, and complications related to obesity. Includes 6 virtual group visits with Health Coach, 3 visits with Registered Dietitian, and comprehensive Internal Medicine assessment with follow up as needed. Options available for ongoing support after completion of the program.

Sessions involved with our lifestyle health-coaching program:

Introduction to Healthy Living/Healthy Habits

Metabolic Syndrome/Goal Setting

Nutrition/Mindful Eating

Biology of Obesity/Self-Care


Sleep and Stress Reduction

Meal Replacement Program (Optifast®)

Optifast® Link

12 weeks of complete liquid meal replacement followed by a 6-week transition back to food to achieve significant weight loss (total 18 weeks). Patients are seen by Internal Medicine specialists for management of medications and monitoring of blood work and symptoms. Health Coaches provide education and support of patient directed lifestyle changes via virtual group visits. Registered Dietitians design custom dietary plan for patients as they transition back to a whole food diet.

This program consists of the same health-coaching modules as the lifestyle program.

Options are available after the programs for ongoing support.