Health Coaching


Health Coaching = Empowering Patients

Have you ever worked with a certified health coach to improve your life?

Health Coaching can assist with goal setting and implementation planning and will be a great asset to you achieving success in the future.

Health Coaching techniques used include exploring beliefs that will benefit behaviour change, using positive psychology, improving patient self-efficacy, emphasizing social support and connection and developing specific individualized goals that lead to long-lasting behaviour change.

Health Coaching is patient-centered and will be a powerful tool in your journey to better health.

Health Coaching at IM Wellness:

Janessa is a registered nurse and recently completed an Integrative Nurse Coaching Program with The Nurse Coach Collective. She feels passionately that nurses have the ability to challenge the current state of our healthcare system. She believes wholeheartedly that Nurse Coaching encourages patients to become proactive rather than reactive when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

Compass Photo by Tim Graf on Unsplash